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California Causes of Action

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This is an exhaustive resource of over 115 pre-researched causes of action written by specialists in 19 separate legal fields. Many of the causes of action are supported by full-text sample complaints in print and on the accompanying CD-Rom. Draft better and quicker complaints, cross-complaints, answers or demurrers with up-to-date coverage of areas such as employment, intellectual property, negligence, contracts, real estate and much more.

The 2002 supplement includes:

A new Conversion cause of action, with a detailed sample complaint, drafted by Mark Anthony Rodriguez, Esq. of Borchard & Willoughby, P.C., Irvine, CA.

A completely revised Intellectual Property section, with sample complaints, drafted by Lawrence J. Siskind, Esq. of Harvey Siskind Jacobs LLP, San Francisco, CA.

A completely revised Insurance section, with sample complaints, drafted by Gary A. Bague, Esq. of Haight, Brown & Bonesteel LLP, Los Angeles, CA.

Plus additional revised causes of action and new sample complaints.

Updated annually.  ISBN 1-58012-027-X.  Book Price: $99.00

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"Here is an extremely useful tool for practitioners engaging in various civil practice areas - concise and preresearched, it is a guide to over 90 causes of action, all in one desk top binder.  The collected work of twenty-one litigation specialists and 100 practicing attorney advisors, California Causes of Action covers sixteen separate practice categories, including negligence, employment, insurance, business torts, emotional distress, physical and procedural torts, fraud and negligent misrepresentation, products liability/commercial sales, debtor/creditor, real property, contracts, defamation, privacy, intellectual property ... even animal torts.  There are all sorts of causes of actions here -- common carrier negligence, dental malpractice, breach of confidence, as well as the more common causes of action."

Excerpted from California Journal of Law, August, 1999.


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