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Texas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide
by David F. Bragg & Michael Curry

Book Description

Defendants are fighting harder than ever.   Revisions to the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act continue to give consumers more hurdles to overcome. The courts are strict in determining which DTPA cases fit within the "laundry list" pleading provisions.  A "knowing" violation is required for all mental anguish damages.  And in some cases, damage caps may eliminate DTPA protection altogether.

Learn to overcome DTPA defenses and uncover the key to winning tough Insurance Code cases with Bragg and Curry's seminal work.  This comprehensive resource gives you in-the-trenches guidance, full case discussions and over 200 key forms.  All forms are fully updated to reflect the 1995 revisions and are included on the companion forms CD-ROM. 

Updated annually.  ISBN 1-58012-010-5 Book price: $99.00


"Texas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide is One of the best forms books I’ve ever seen. Bragg and Curry is the Bible of DTPA."

C. Blackman, III, Dallas, TX

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